1. tillich

    【英语】 英国和意大利的文艺复兴:兴趣在其历史及艺术中的增长 2008-03-29

    书名: England and the Italian Renaissance: The Growth of Interest in its History and Art (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe) 作者: John Hale (Author), Edward Chaney (Introduction) 出版社: Wiley-Blackwell; 4 edition (December 9, 2005) 语言: English ISBN-10: 0631233652 ISBN-13: 978-0631233657 Book...
  2. teiler

    【英语】 政治的悲剧性眼光:伦理学、利益和命令 2007-08-17

    书名: The Tragic Vision of Politics: Ethics, Interests and Orders 作者: Richard Ned Lebow (Author) 出版社: Cambridge University Press (November 10, 2003) 语言:English ISBN-10: 0521534852 ISBN-13: 978-0521534857 Book Description Is it possible to preserve national security through ethical policies...