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    【英语】 共存的主体:国际关系中的他者 2008-12-06

    书名: The Subject of Coexistence: Otherness in International Relations (Borderlines) 作者: Louiza Odysseos (Author) 出版社: Univ Of Minnesota Press; 1 edition (June 12, 2007) 语言: English ISBN-10: 0816648549 ISBN-13: 978-0816648542 Book Description In this pioneering book, Louiza Odysseos argues that...
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    【英语】 主体性和他者:拉康的一种哲学解读 2008-05-18

    书名: Subjectivity and Otherness: A Philosophical Reading of Lacan (Short Circuits) 作者: Lorenzo Chiesa (Author) 出版社: The MIT Press; 1 edition (September 30, 2007) 语言: English ISBN-10: 0262532948 ISBN-13: 978-0262532945 Book Description Countering the call by some "pro-Lacanians" for an end to...
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    【英语】 艺术、起源、他者:在哲学和艺术之间 2007-08-16

    书名: Art, Origins, Otherness: Between Philosophy and Art 作者: William Desmond (Author) 出版社: State University of New York Press (August 2003) 语言:English ISBN-10: 079145746X ISBN-13: 978-0791457467 Book Description Addresses the end of art and the task of metaphysics. Though our time is often...